Sacred Geometry Series

Sacred Geometry is the key to unlocking the Universe. Everything is made up of patterns, numbers, letters, and sounds. When we came to Earth we left ourselves geometry as a connection to Spiritual Realms. By working with Sacred Geometry you awaken to the power that lives inside of you.

In the Mystery School we do teach you about the subject, we teach you the subject. We give you tools so that YOU can bring this energy into your life and let life teach you about the subject. It is one thing to know a lot about sacred geometry, it’s completely another to LIVE sacred geometry.

Each level in this series builds on the last, and awakens the powers of sacred geometry in you and in your life. Sacred Geometry is the building blocks of all things. To understand how the Universe creates ensures that YOU will know how to create in your own life and live AS A CREATOR!


Sacred Geometry 1: Creating Sacred Spaces

Sacred Geometry is the key to the Universe, and to unlocking your abilities. In this course you receive an attunement to the 3 primary geometries, unlocking this power in your energy field. You are also trained in creating sacred spaces and temples. 

4 hour course



Sacred Geometry 2: Crystal Healer, Reader & Gridder Certification Course

In this module you step into your role as a healer. With this training you receive 12 healings! You are also taught in how to do a powerful reading for your clients, as well as learning crystal grids to protect the home and raise the vibration of the space. All of these tools can be used on both yourself and on others.

Course Content:
1) 9 Crystal Healings
These healings work on:
-    Emotions
-    Mind
-    Physical Pain
-    Internal Issues: such as digestive, hormonal, etc
-    Awareness & Cognition
-    Time Management
-    Libido & Passion
-    Stress
-    Empowerment
2) 3 Crystal Healing Rites – for healing old wounds, new wounds, and for good blessing for the future
3) Crystal Readings
In this reading you will access the Akashic Records with your clients and help them find answers for future or from the past. 
4) Crystal Dreaming
Learn how to use crystals to enhance your dreaming. 
5) Crystal Grids
Grids are used to both protect the house and to bring energy into the home. You will be handed down 4 crystal grids to raise the vibration of your home or workspace. Each grid has a special purpose and energy it brings it, so here’s a little secret – one of the grids is for manifestation and completing projects!

8 hour course


egypt 2.jpg

Sacred Geometry 3: Egyptian Aura Healing

Sacred Geometry 3 focuses on healing and balancing the energies within the 7 layers of the aura and the sacredness of the human body; a healing session that you can do for yourself as well as a service for others. This unique healing modality calls upon the power of the ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses and their knowledge of the dimensions and ratios of the physical and energetic bodies of human.

In this class, you will receive:

-    Handing down of a powerful healing that affects the mind, body, soul, emotional and astral levels of the self
-    Another way of creating abundance from Lightwork and helping others heal
-    A method of self-care and personal healing
-    A method of self-care and personal healing
-    A greater sense of empowerment and strength
-    More vitality and energy for your daily life!
-    Working with the great Egyptian Pantheon and bringing this energy into your life.
-    Awakening higher Sacred Geometries in you!

8 hour course, and includes an Egyptian Aura Healing


sacred geo 4.jpg

Sacred Geometry 4: Advanced Temple Building

In this module you will learn MUCH MORE powerful grids. When we want to heal ourselves, or heal others, the space that they are in is EXTREMELY important. As energy healers, we have to be mindful of the energy of our space. In this module you will be handed down 3 grids that create a very high vibration in your space.


Reserved for Modern Mystery School Initiates only, Sacred Geometry 4 reveals the secrets to sacred spaces and empowers you to be able to create them. Through the teachings of the Sacred Geometries we learn that we have the power to bridge the spiritual and the physical by activating our homes and workspaces as our holy sanctuaries. By employing and activating these temples, you will strengthen virtually every aspect of your life.

In this class, you will receive:

-    Official handing down of 3 sacred temple setting techniques
-     Ways to intensify protection, power and Light in your space
-    Another service of Lightwork to create abundance: these temples you can build for your friends, family & clients in their homes/spaces
-    Methods of bridging the physical and spiritual worlds
-    A greater sense of empowerment and strength
-    True empowerment and access to higher vibrations of Light
-    Increased positivity and vibrancy in your life!

*Prerequisite: Empower Thyself Initiation

6 hour course