Hi! Thank you for checking me out. If you're reading this, remember that you are incredible!

 I'm Sarah Hauch. I'm an energy healer and co-own Temple23, a healing and consciousness center located in The Exchange District of downtown Winnipeg. Although our center is located in Winnipeg, I have the joy of traveling all around Canada seeing clients and teaching classes. Watching my clients dreams come true fills me with joy. My dream is world peace and that starts with us! I respect anyone who has the strength to look within themselves, and to dig deep to make themselves a better person. At Temple23 we provide healings and classes handed down by the Modern Mystery School in the Lineage of King Solomon, including the sacred geometry series, training your psychic abilities, metaphysics, meditation and astral travelling and more, to assist people in their journey of self mastery.  And I look so forward to meeting you.

I want to help you in any way I can! 



Having struggled with addiction and problems with self worth most of my life, I was on a downward spiral that was picking up speed until I put my preconceived notions aside, and gave spirituality a chance. From there, my life changed, and I accomplished more in the time that followed than I had for that length of time than when I was "spinning my wheels" living without direction or purpose. As a healer and meditation guide myself, I want to build up those around me in order to make our world a better place. I have helped people deal with anger issues, those struggling with addiction, and finding their true potential! I realize that it takes a lot to ask for help, especially if you don't think that you need it. but we all need a helping hand. I would be honored to work with people who are willing to take a chance on me like I took a chance on someone who had my best interests in mind.




Interstellar Woman of Mystery, Dawn Smith, wants to take YOU on journeys deep into the astronomical world of your own Divine Fabulousness, that you may find and embody more passion, and purpose, and presence, and joy. 

“I am driven by something, some urge deep within my soul to explore the very heights and depths and widths of the universe, of the human psyche.” She mumbles, licking chocolate off her fingers an unusually large black cat purring in her lap. “I’ve been fascinated by the stars and the sky, of words and symbolism, myth and magick for as long as I can remember. It’s as if the language of Creation has been winding itself around, inside of me ever since I was a tiny Nymph, rolling around in the woods with dirt on my face and leaves in my hair.”
“I love how there is this deep connection, written all throughout the soul of the Universe, and if we just take the time to notice, to recognize and to speak to her, she begins to take notice of us and answers us back.” A pensive, wistful look drifts across her face as she deeply sighs. “I want everyone to know that. To know that the magick is real. I want them to feel it, to let it ooze through every particle of their being. Im aching for us to remember how connected we all truly are, and to feel it, to feel that old, deep magick, the truth and the weight of who and what we truly are. It’s calling us all home. My work, as astrologer, as healer, as a teacher of any kind of metaphysics, serves only this purpose. The world is aching for us all to remember our own power, our own innate divinity, and to awaken to the depth of our own joy.”