Astral Travel Training

Have you ever wanted to astral travel? Have you done it before but want it to be more consistent? Astral Travelling is the art & science of expanding ones consciousness. For those who want to know themselves as spiritual beings, astral travelling is the key. To expand the mind beyond what it thinks is possible. The Modern Mystery School astral travel training dispels the myths of astral travel and gives you the tools to create a consistent practice at home.


Astral Travel Level 1

Astral Travelling is essential for our psychic development. We need to break beyond the 3 dimensional world, expanding our awareness and consciousness. Astral travelling is also an essential part of opening our 3rd eye. In this module you’ll learn safe and effective tools and exercises to astral travel with control. 

Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry Level 1

4 hour course



Astral Travel Level 2 - Astral Projecting, Remote Viewing, Travelling Through Time

Practicing astral travel further helps you with your spiritual evolution by becoming conscious of the process that you are functioning on different dimensions and what that means. When you astral travel you connect with your inner self and the divine nature within you as well as the whole universe around you.

In Astral Travel level 1 we hand down the foundation for travelling. With those techniques you learned how to stay conscious even though you get into a deep state.  You also learned how to build your astral travel vehicle and clear the central core channel to the astral realms.

In level 2 we take your training to the next level. We start the lay down techniques, how to leave your body, how to astral project, how to remote view, when and when not to remote view, travelling throughout time, as well as advanced techniques to opening the third eye. If you do these techniques consistently, you will one day have an experience that will stop you from doubting ever again.


Private Astral Travel Training

Once you have taken Astral Travel Level 1 you are able to book private training with one of our Temple23 Teachers. In the beginning it is helpful to train with someone else to build those muscles. In a private session you will be further trained and guided through your own personal journey.

90 minute session