Intuition Training

We are all psychic. Our psychic muscles are just like physical muscles. They need to be exercised, and they need to be trained specific to what you want them for. The following classes are designed to help YOU master your psychic abilities, and learn to trust them.


Spiritual Intuition Level 1

Have you had psychic experiences?
Do you want to strengthen your intuition? Or open your third eye?
Do you want to understand & grow your psychic abilities and powers?

There is nothing like feeling confident in your psychic gifts. They are our compass, and they help us walk courageously forward even when we can’t see the way. Everyone has these muscles, it’s simple a matter of learning how to develop them. We typically have one gift more open in the beginning. Some of us see visions, other hear messages, some feel energy, while others just ‘know’. And there are ways to not just control your gifts, but to also manage and train them. And when you do, life changes. You begin to trust yourself. You don’t need to turn to other people for answers. You walk confidently forward. Anxiety starts to lessen because you feel more in control in your life. And you start your training in the understanding energy. 
The Mystery School in the Lineage of King Salomon has trained students who were ready for thousands of years. In this training course you will receive personalized training, and each week you’ll have exercises to practice and eventually master. 
In this first module you will learn about the different psychic senses and how to develop them. 

2 hour course



Spiritual Intuition Level 2

The Spiritual Intuition Class is focused on opening, developing, and perfecting your psychic abilities. These gifts are defined as:

** Clairvoyance – Spiritual Vision
** Clairaudience – Spiritual Hearing
** Clairscentience – Intuition & Feeling

Mystery School Master Teacher Verla Wade puts it best, “This Spiritual communication is the beginning of the Great Work – integrating the body, soul, and Spirit as one. The result of this integration is full manifestation of your divinity. In other cultures this is referred to Samadhi, Satori, Ecstasy, and Enlightenment.”

In Spiritual Intuition Level 2 we take your training to the next level. In this class we open up new concepts and hand down tools to further open these abilities and working with them in your lives.

These include:

** Spiritual Sense of Smell
** Spiritual Sense of Taste
** The Four Elements
** Psychic Touch

Exchange: $40 preregister, $50 at the door


Journeys of the Spirit

One of the most important things about developing your psychic abilities is clearing your channel – so that you know the information coming through you is pure and not polluted by your ego or your personality. In this module we will discuss these topics as well as the soul, the spirit and the higher self. 

You will experience 7 sacred meditations to clear your channel and connect to your inner wisdom and higher self. 

8 hour course


meditation 4.jpg

Awaken Thyself

Who are you? 

Why are you here?

Many people wondering “what it’s all about” and feeling like there’s something more to life than the same routine find their way to a path of personal progression.

In this class, experience the ancient Mysteries, learn a technique to protect the energy of places, and find out if this path is right for you!

3 hour course