Are you dating the wrong kind of people?

Do you want a job that is fulfilling?

Do you have more negative thoughts in your mind than positive?

Do you want to figure out what your passion is?

Do you do all the 'right' things but still aren't happy.

Well here's the good news, so are many other people.

Each of us has our own story. We all have our own struggles, and we all adapt in our own way. We all make mistakes, and we all make choices that we aren't that proud of. And most of us continue to make the same 'wrong choice' over and over, even if we know we shouldn't.

Healing is about figuring out who YOU are. When this happens, all stress fades away. Stress comes when don't make conscious decisions for our highest good. We date the wrong people, spend money on things we don't need, or choose careers that may make our egos, our parents or our bank accounts happy. And then we're stressed.

Healing is about taking responsibility for your happiness, and slowly letting go of the things in your life that rob you of it. 


When we work with clients it looks like this:

1. A Life Activation - 2 hour session.

2. Personalized Plan - From the Life Activation session we will personalize a healing program that suits your needs.

We will design a unique healing journey for you to take the next step and open the door to a life of possibility.  We offer many types of healing, some of the most popular are listed below:

Life Activation

This is the first step to kicking ass in your life, and is the first session that we do for every person we work with. The Life Activation opens the spiritual DNA and awakes a new sense of urgency, passion and purpose to live out your life mission. The session brings clarity, healing of old wounds, and guidance on what next steps to take. It also aligns our vibration with our higher self creating more synchronicities in your life. Many of our clients are leaders in their community and find that this session takes them to the next level.

2 hours

$220, includes healing tinctures


Full Spirit Activation

People need passion in life to LIVE! Are you looking for your purpose and your passion? Do you know that you're here to create something amazing, but still need clarity about it? Do you need your mind more focused? Do you want to wake up every day and be crazy inspired! Ya you do! When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. This session AWAKENS you to your life purpose and re-aligns you energy so that you can manifest it. It also kicks your

Also includes a chakra healing :)

90 minutes

$195, includes healing tinctures


Isis Healing

The closest energetic body to the physical body is the Emotional Body. In our emotional body we carry all the emotional wounds we have accumulated over our lives. Wounds from our parents, or being bullied, or a break up. These wounds affect how close you let people in, and can actually push others away. This session is the death of the old emotional body, and a brand new emotional body is formed – one without the wounds or protective mechanisms.

90 minutes



Aura Healing

Once a person is Life Activated they feel a new call towards their purpose and spiritual path. However, we each have emotional attachments that can hold us back. These attachments may appear as jealousy, self judgement, greed, fear about money or fear of not being successful, among many others.  These attachments keep us from taking major leaps in our lives, and cause us suffering. This session fills in these holes in your aura, creating a sense of wholeness and peace which allows us to move forward with less attachment and fear.

90 minutes



Cord Cuttings

Every relationship we have, from our parents, to our teachers to friends, clients, people we disagree with - create energetic cords.  There is a positive cord and a  negative cord.  A negative cord causes us to react in relationships.  You know when your partner does something benign but it makes you feel crazy?  Or when your family member walks into the room and you get angry for no good reason?  This is because of negative cords.  We need to let old cords go.  Especially from those that we have been intimate with and those that hurt us in some way.  A cord cutting session with cut all negative cords that no longer serve you so that you can stand empowered in your relationship to self and others.  

30 minutes



Negative Energy Removal/Clearing

Feeling like you've picked up some negative energy lately?

Have you been feeling not like yourself lately?

Sometimes we pick stuff up, just like we get dirt on our shoes. It's easy and simple to clearing it off, and you'll be feeling great in no time!

Clearing away the interference from other people's negative thoughts and projections towards us is appropriate for anyone, and is something we recommend everyone to consider receiving on a periodic basis. In some cases additional work is required, such as a cord cutting or etheric reconstruction.

2 hours



Ensofic Reiki

Done over 3 sessions, this healing modality flows Universal Life Force into the body for physical healing. We have worked with clients suffering from partial blindness, shoulder injuries, cancer, muscle spasms, and more. And the results are incredible. Please message for a personalized consult prior to booking. 

3 sessions, 90 minutes

$540 for 3 sessions, $200 for an individual session


Other Healings - We do LOTS of different healings. But we don't want to overwhelm you guys on the site. So if you're interested in finding out more, feel free to message us and we'll book you into a free 30-minute consultation. 

Other healings include, RA Healing, Ramiel Healing for Love, Soul Retrieval, Galactic Healings, Crystal Healing, King Salomon Healings, Etheric Reconstruction, Sound Healing, and more.