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Nurture Your Nature: Heart Centered Healing

  • Temple23 Winnipeg 500-62 Albert Street Winnipeg, MB, R3B Canada (map)

Are you a helper, healer, teacher, guide or care provider. Do you spend your days in service of others. Expending your energy outwards? 

Then this workshop is for you.

Amanda Carson (Hypnotherapist) and Tatiana Martins (Acupuncturist) are bringing you an evening dedicated to the self. You will also have an opportunity to connect with other healers in your community. 

Every healer needs their own self-care toolbox and acupuncture can provide a lovely option. As many have felt the effects of being over worked, and maybe even burnout, the acupuncture points chosen in this workshop will focus on the Heart and Pericardium organs. According to Chinese Medicine, the Pericardium (aka the sac of fibrous tissue that envelopes the Heart) is in charge of protecting the Heart from anything that can harm it. A healthy Heart, according to Chinese medicine, allows an individual to live with wisdom, love, fairness, and to spread joy. If there is too much physical or mental work, burnout, stress, lack of sleep, or poor diet, the Heart can be injured. The pericardium will step in to any threat and say “If you want to get to them, you have to get through me first!” When the Heart is protected this way, the individual can be open to give and receive love with ease, set boundaries in their work and personal life, resolve disputes, live authentically, and respond to the needs of themselves, families, and clients. You will also leave this workshop with acupressure points to use on your own time for those tough moments then you feel like your heart is not aligning with your personal life or work life.

Hypnotherapy has been used for thousands of years as an effective tool for self care and self discovery. During hypnosis you are highly focused and relaxed and more succeptible to suggestion. Amanda will guide you through a heart centered hypnosis practice while you receive your acupuncture treatment. The focus during this session will be on compassion for self and others and how a deeper connection to the heart can lead you through beautiful journeys in your professional and personal life. 

You will also receive a workbook on nurturing your nature and all that you are. We will spend time sipping tea and working through some of this together as a community. You will be able to take this workbook home for your own personal use and be able to refer back to it whenever you wish. 

Yoga mats and props will be provided for your comfort. Tea will be provided as a refreshment. Please bring a mug, water bottle, journal and pen.

Thank you!

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