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Sacred Geometry 4: Advanced Temple Building

sacred geo 4.jpg

In this module you will learn MUCH MORE powerful grids. When we want to heal ourselves, or heal others, the space that they are in is EXTREMELY important. As energy healers, we have to be mindful of the energy of our space. In this module you will be handed down 3 grids that create a very high vibration in your space.


Reserved for Modern Mystery School Initiates only, Sacred Geometry 4 reveals the secrets to sacred spaces and empowers you to be able to create them. Through the teachings of the Sacred Geometries we learn that we have the power to bridge the spiritual and the physical by activating our homes and workspaces as our holy sanctuaries. By employing and activating these temples, you will strengthen virtually every aspect of your life.

In this class, you will receive:

  • Official handing down of 3 sacred temple setting techniques

  • Ways to intensify protection, power and Light in your space

  • Another service of Lightwork to create abundance

  • Methods of bridging the physical and spiritual worlds

  • True empowerment and access to higher vibrations of Light

  • Increased positivity and vibrancy in your life!

 Exchange: $250

*Prerequisite: Sacred Geometry 1-3 and Empower Thyself Course