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Unleash the Superhero Within!

“If we lose the ability to imagine ourselves as heroes, and to understand the meaning of true heroism, our society will be poorer for it. If we can reconnect with these ancient ideals, and make them fresh again, we can create a connection with the hero in ourselves” – Zeno Franco and Philip Zimbardo

Join Kevin Byer and Michael Eisen for 'Unleash the Superhero Within': a workshop about embracing our role and place as real life superheroes! 

Everyone has their own journey and story that is constantly being written with the decisions we are faced with, the struggles we endure, the sacrifices we make, and the dreams we pursue. We learn about ourselves through observing others, and heroes allow us to dream big! They ignite the imagination, give us a positive vision of what we could be, and through the stories they tell, can awaken and inspire heroic qualities in ourselves.

In this workshop you will:

-Create your own superhero identity that is based on your strengths, your values and your unique capabilities to affect positive change. 

-Learn ways to cultivate superhero characteristics through practices from the fields of positive psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence. This week's workshop will focus on resilience, compassion and support (support network and self support). 

-Practice experiential and reflective exercises in: gratitude, personal value clarification/goal setting, and a group compassion meditation.  

This day pays tribute to the lessons we can learn and apply in our lives from superheroes and honours and connects us with the potential for heroism in each and every one of us. It is designed to be inspiring, empowering, and fun, with opportunities for self-reflection, growth, connecting to our child side, and discussions on personal development. 

Come on out and have your cape ready! Seriously, let's dress up like superheroes, because why not? We encourage you to bring any wigs or props or whatever you might have to fully embrace your superhero persona, a superhero dance party may break out!

When: Sunday July.17 from 4:00pm-6:30pm

Where: Temple23 Liberty Village’s Healing Centre | 7 Fraser Avenue, Unit 2 Toronto, ON M6K 1Y7

Cost: $20 advance online purchase, $25 at the door

Reserve your space for a cheaper price at:

About the facilitators

Kevin Byer

Kevin is a graduate of Workplace Wellness and Health Promotion from Centennial College and has a B.A in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University. He is a workshop facilitator for Youth Wellness Network and has also facilitated workshops for hospital employees on how to develop and foster a lifestyle of gratitude. 

Kevin specializes in connecting others to their inner superhero through empowering the development of heroic character traits. He will share his own journey and how both superheroes and the exercises we will practice in the workshop have inspired him and helped him with his own challenges such as depression and low self-esteem, and have allowed him to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled, authentic, humble and hopefully heroic life. It is his intention that this day will have that same kind of impact for you!

Michael Eisen

Michael Eisen is the founder of Youth Wellness Network, and is a passionate, authentic, and charismatic inspirational speaker, author and social entrepreneur. After positively transforming his own life at the age of 19 and overcoming challenges with stress, anxiety, depression and sickness, he is now driven to share with other people the principles, strategies, and practices that empowered him to start living a happier and healthier life.

For any questions about the event contact Kevin at

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