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Empower Thyself Initiation

What if you could take everything in your life to the Next Level?

Studying a spiritual path promises enlightenment, abundance, inner peace, and purpose. And sometimes, a reason to keep going through the hard times.

In movies we always see the end result of the karate kid, but not the years, and sometimes decades, of training and wisdom and experience.

Enlightenment is a path that is meant to be walked (well sometimes sprinted and sometimes crawled).

What if you had the tools to achieve more?
Empower people more?
Impact people more?
Increase your spiritual powers?
Manifest faster?!

You would be a ROCK STAR! That's what you'd be.

The Mystery School Lineage for thousands of years has attracted those people who are drawn to serving others. Guardians of the Flame and keepers of magick. Handing down tools of power to activate the Adam Kadmon body. Some of the greatest men and women have trained diligently in the Mystery Schools.

People who are naturally different, who have never conformed to the norm, and who are driven to making the world a better place naturally are drawn to the Mystery School to find direction, training, and initiation that open up power.

The Universe has provided you with lessons, and pain, and challenges to overcome. To test you. To see how strong you are. To see how much you could Love and Forgive even when the odds were against you. AND YOU NEVER GAVE UP!

This step in your progress, the Empower Thyself training and initiation, takes you to the next level in your spiritual evolution. You will experience a huge increase in energy and higher perspective, and tools to break through blocks

While taking care of others is your calling, you can only give as much as you have. This course is to fill up your spiritual cup, for YOUR self care and spiritual progression, so that you are recharged and have THAT MUCH MORE to give to people you serve and to your community.  xo

Saturday & Sunday 10am-6pm

For more information and to register email Sarah Hauch:

Earlier Event: March 23
Later Event: March 28
Meditation Monday