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Valentine's Day Concert and Dance Journey with Prosad

Conscious Dance Parties Presents:

Valentine's Day Concert & Dance Journey with Prosad!

We will go on a journey to celebrate the beauty of divine and romantic love. Join us for a night of love songs, original spoken word poetry, live sitar, and bansuri flute painted on a musical canvas of ambient sounds.

Come and dream with us, let your senses awaken and your heart open. Lounge on cushions, drink chocolate, enjoy a delicious meal and float away into the music of dreams and the sounds of mystical love

Opening acoustic set followed by dance journey

7:00PM||Doors Open (dinner vegan opt -in)
7:30PM||Show Starts
7:30 PM - 8:15||Acoustic set of love songs, original spoken word poetry
8:15 PM - 9:30 ||Love Dance Journey of Trance Sitar & World Reggae


$20 Early Bird Available until Jan 27th
$25 General Admission
$30 Cash at door

Add $15 to your ticket for dinner (dinner tickets must be purchased by feb 12th for catering purposes) Dinner will be provided by Lush Earth

Tickets available online here:
Or Send etransfer to
* no refunds


This event is drug and alcohol free events, please do not consume these substances before coming to this event. Honour the sacredness of the space and the dance.

About Prosad

Prosad Music:

Prosad is a multi-genre artist, vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist who plays sitar, guitar, didgeridoo, Indian flute, saxophone, percussion and more. In his energetic live show, Prosad flawlessly fuses the sitar and didgeridoo with high energy dance beats and fat reggae loops. Prosad is one of the few artists in the world whohas the ability to play sitar and didgeridoo at the same time. His music ranges from a fusion of world instruments with reggae & house beats, to folk-roots and organic world music. Multi-layered, live-loopedvocal harmonies float on top of energetic and uplifting dance rhythms -keeping audiences on their feet and singing along.

Prosad has performed in festivals across Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. He has recorded with Australian legend, Xavier Rudd, composed for Hollywood, played for British Royalty and shared the stage with Adham Shaikh and Grammy award winner, Chris Berry. Prosad has a special presence when performing live which must be experienced to be fully appreciated. He fills the air with positive energy and an uplifting vibration, creating a musical form of alchemy that can uplift and transform the energy of all those present.

Lush Earth

Dinner Catered by Lush Earth - Amanda Franko

Amanda is a passionate Holistic Nutritionist in training and yoga instructor. Amanda's calling is to inspire others to open up to a more holistic lifestyle by nurturing the body with the whole foods that have been gifted to us from the earth. Focused on a gluten free, mostly plant-based diet, Amanda chooses to work with only the freshest local, organic product when available. With Mother Earth as her guide and love as her fuel, she aspires to create delicious dishes and treats to promote wellness and balance in the body.