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Galaxy Maker Live to Honour the Winter Solstice

GALAXY MAKER LIVE to Honour the Winter Solstice :: Ecstatic Dance Music & Sacred Sounds Concert with Darren Austin Hall, Stephen Bahnesli & Patrick O'Reilly


"In the depths of winter I finally learned there was in me an invincible summer" Albert Camus

Galaxy Maker combines the talents of mystical musician, Darren Austin Hall, the dazzling guitar mastery of Stephen Bahnesli and the electronic wizardry of Patrick O'Reilly in a sonic force of live ecstatic dance music, inspired improvisations and sacred healing sounds. Together, they will weave us a vibrational journey for our souls to take flight in, our bodies to revel, move and flow and our feelings to transcend and boom loud in our blazing hearts! The concert will conclude with an EPIC quartz crystal singing bowl sound-bath for deep peace.On this evening, we'll be honouring the Winter Solstice, a time when the Light of the Sun in the Northern hemisphere is farthest from the Earth. 

The Winter Solstice is one of the most sacred events of the year as it represents the rebirth of the Light: though the radiance of the Sun reaches its maximum distance away from Earth, the Winter Solstice also marks when the Sun and Earth begin to return to closeness, culminating in the jubilance of the Summer Solstice. Darren will be guiding an opening ritual to connect to the holy powers of the Solstice as well as a closing ritual where we will embody the rebirth of the Light and converge in a wild free-chant to honour this extraordinary time and send out waves of love & healing to the world!  

We'll also be joined by the seraphic vocal stylings of Alexandria and the soulful rapper MC Formless Self. The angelic, Vanessa Faria, will also share a beauteous dance performance. Marco from Five Two Eight Recordings will also be bringing his incredible cymatics machine which will project the vibrational expression of sound in water (INCROYABLE!). Beautiful Jennifer Mansell will also be providing face-painting. AND the amazing visionary artist, Rahul Bader, will be doing some live painting. There will also be sumptuous cacao elixirs of some kind. More exciting details forthcoming!!!

730 :: Doors Open
800 :: Opening Meditation
1030--11 :: Closing Community Ritual & Free-Chant
11 :: continued revelry

$20 in advance through Eventbrite
$25 at the door

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