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Create a Vision Board

Do you feel like you could use a little extra umph on manifesting the best life ever! Or feel like you could use some inspiration to inspire you to start thinking even bigger and better than your wildest dreams can even imagine?

Well this is for you! 

It's one thing to think about what you want, but you amplify the ability to manifest your thoughts into reality when you make it tangible. You strengthen the potency even more when done in a group of other Amazing Visionaries who come together and hold space for each other's dreams to come dream! 

A vision board is a creative method to open up to what else is possible. Attract all that you want and more! Using the largest board you can find (I like bristol boards) cut and paste pictures and words from magazines, newspapers, articles, and anywhere else you can find pictures of things you want in your life. Things can include anything: relationships, career, spiritiuality, exercise, sexulaity, material, weightloss, "perfect" body/partner/job/life/kitchen/bedroom/car/studio/bike/eating habits/sleep/etc. You can also write or draw. 

The evening will begin with an opening meditaiton to get your manifesting juices flowing then we will get started. No introduction will be necessary because this is all about you. We don't need to verbalize what we want. We will let the material sources guide us as we flip through pages of pictures and words that we are called to. We will hold space for each other and allow ourselves to surrender to whatever comes. Have an idea of what you want and if something pops out at you during the duration of the evening go ahead and cut it out. Nothing is too small or too big for your future! DREAM BIG!

Then we will finish off the evening with a special healing session and talk on activating your life purpose with Sarah and Kristine, our lovely hosts who run Temple 23. They will offer a very unique healing session to help amplify our evening. 

If you have previously cut out pictures that you've been holding onto for a time like this, bring them with you! If you have an already existing vision board, bring it with you to update, or cut out what you like from it and let go of what no longer serves you or what you already manifested and bring a fresh board with you. 

Bring the following:
-bristol board or thick card board (choose a colour that stands out and that you would like to see hung up in your room of choice...where you will see it and acknowledge it often)
-magazines or any reading material with pictures and words
-glue stick
-healthy snacks to share with others and water to keep hydrated.

This event is FREE!


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