What Is Astral Travelling?


Astral travelling, once you learn it, can be one of the most powerful, enlightening, and fun tools you have. 

I wrote this article because there is often a lot of myths and fear around astral travelling, and I wanted to create some clarity. 

I’ve been surrounded by astral travelling my whole life. My father would astral travel most nights. My mum would tell me that my dad could walk through walls. I was both amazed and confused. He had a near-death experience as a young adult and has been studying and practicing astral travelling ever since. He would practice with his friend, travelling to each other’s houses to see if they could find them in the house and tell the other person what they were doing. As a kid you can imagine that this is the coolest thing ever! but my father was a really private guy and didn’t share much with us about it. 

I noticed that I also could astral travel at a young age, although I didn’t know that’s what I was doing. My first memorable astral travelling experience was when I also had a near-death experience. I remember ‘dying’ and floating up above my body and seeing my mum there freaking out. She brought me back and I thudded back into my body. Then next time I remember astral travelling was in a tanning bed. 

Once I started meditating on a regular basis at the age of 15 I had more and more experiences. I’ll be honest, I was quite scared for a long time. I could feel myself leaving my body and I’d freak and come back. It was an unnerving feeling when you no longer feel your body.

Fast forward and I’m sitting in a mystery school astral Travel class. I learned that you can astral travel safely and under your own control. 

I’ve now been teaching astral travelling to students across Canada for years and they love it. 

You are as big as the universe. Your consciousness spans the entire universe. You are not just a body, you are a spirit, and the spirit is infinite. When we astral travel we are not leaving the body. Let me say again, we are not leaving the body! We are simply expanding our consciousness to another part of our spirit body. 

Let me give you an example. Right now, right where you are focus on just your big toe, then your left elbow, now you right knee, now listen to all the sounds in the room, now listen outside the room. In each of these examples you moved your consciousness to different places. When we astral travel we are doing the same thing. We can travel to our family cabin, to a beach in Mexico, or to the moon. We are not actually traveling anywhere, we expand our consciousness. Just like you didn’t physically move when you moved your consciousness by listening to sounds outside the room you’re in. 

Why would we astral travel?

For knowledge

For expanded awareness

For fun

For experiences 

To see the world

And so much more...

But perhaps the most important reason that we astral travel is to expand our consciousness. Every time you astral travel you are moving beyond what you think is possible. If you are someone who values expanding your awareness and consciousness, and knowing yourself as a spiritual being (and who you are) then you must astral travel. It’s such as fast and effective way to reach this higher levels of enlightenment. 

In the astral travel level 1 training as handed down by the Modern Mystery School you are trained in the art & science of astral travelling. You are given step-by-step instructions on how to travel and be safe. AND you are given your astral travel vehicle which makes travelling SO much easier. 

In astral travel level 2 we go into astral projection, travelling through time, and remote viewing. 

If you have any questions about astral travelling please shoot me a message. I’d love to talk to you about your experiences and your goals. 

Check our website for astral travel coming up in your area. In Winnipeg our next class is Monday, June 24. Click here to find out more information. http://www.temple23.ca/new-page-2