Manifestation Ritual

In this article I’d like to share a little bit about what manifestation is, how it’s different from the law of attraction, what can block your manifesting, and provide a ritual that you can do at home to bring more of what you want consciously into your life.


What exactly does it mean to manifest?

The first thing that I would like to clear up is the difference between manifesting and magnetizing. These are two different magicks and I hear people saying one when it would be more effective if they worked with the other.

Manifesting is to creating something from nothing. For example, a woman has an idea to open a clothing store. It was first an idea, and she brought it into manifestation. This magick uses the 4 elements.

Magnetizing is to draw something to you. For example, if you wanted to bring a partner or a new piece of furniture, you draw this towards you.

So if someone said, I want to manifest a partner, well that would be weird because then this person wouldn’t be born yet. They would want to magnetize a partner. This is also what some people call the Law of Attraction. Our magnetic body is 3 feet from our physical body, and we use the power of the magnetic body to draw things to us, or repel things.

So now that that’s clear, let’s come back to manifestation. Manifesting is to bring an idea into the physical world. For this we use the four elements. There are pages and pages I could write about this, but ultimately we need to move an idea, to a thought, to a plan, and eventually into action.

We have all the things we need inside of us to create magick. Magick isn’t the bibiti bobito boo of Disney movies. It is the concentrated effort of mind, heart and will. And by using the 4 elements we can manifest faster, and hopefully break through some of our blocks to manifesting.

A few more things.


Most people are not clear enough on what they want. Things like, I want a successful business, I want to be healthy, I want more money…these are a good start but they are not clear enough. Let’s take the successful business example. Break this down, does this mean booking 8 new clients this month? Does it mean you’ve earned an extra $2000 this month? Does it mean that you’ve increased your email list by 5000 by January 1st. What is it EXACTLY that you want. The more specific, the faster and clearer it will come.


If something isn’t coming to you as fast or in the way that you want, you maybe need to have a little more faith that there’s a timeline, or that you have a block somewhere that needs to be cleared to help bring manifestation faster. Make this the focal point for your meditations and journalling. What are your blocks? What is it that you can’t see?

Healngs that I find helpful for removing blocks are the King Salomon Healings, Etheric Reconstruction, Egyptian Aura Healing, Angel Code Healing, and Soul Retrieval (to name a few). And ultimately the Universal Kabbalah system. (If you’re an Initiate, feel free to message me (or your Guide) and we can help show you how your rituals help you with this as well.)

Manifestation Ritual

magic bath winnipeg.jpg

What you’ll need:


Clear Quartz Crystal

Epsom Salts

Favourite Essential Oil

White Candle/ Lighter

Paper & Pen

Relaxing Instrumental Music

What to do:

(Not mandatory, but I like doing this ritual after I’ve already had a shower)

  1. Draw the bath. Fill the bath with the salts, the oil, and put the clear quartz crystal in the bath (clear quartz amplifies any magick we do).

  2. When the water is filling the bath, ask the water to cleanse you of any blocks you have to manifesting.

  3. Put on your music (it shouldn’t have words)

  4. Now think about exactly what it is you want to manifest (or if you want to magnetize something, think about what you want to magnetize). Be imaginative. This shouldn’t be too structured. Allow your mind to imagine all the wonderful things that you would like to manifest. Once you’ve really gotten clear on what it is, write this down in your journal.

  5. Repeat this process until you’ve written down all the things you want to manifest.

  6. Now light the white candle. Gazing at the flame of the white candle, visualize yourself being, having, living everything you want to create (draw in). Spend 5-10 (or more) minutes doing this.

  7. Once you are done, put the white candle in a safe place to keep burning (if it’s a small candle) or blow it out and put it next to your bed if it’s a big candle.

  8. Every night before bed (light the big candle if using) read the list and visualize yourself being, having, living these things. (Blow out the candle if using after you’ve visualized.) Take 5-10 minutes every night before bed to do this.

And voila! Manifestation Ritual. I would LOVE to hear how this works for you.

I tell me clients that they can repeat the bath process if they’d like to change or modify the list. YOU are the creator! Have fun manifesting.