Today I would like to share my experience with deliverance. Until today, this was not a word that frequented my vocabulary, but because of a project I am involved in over the next two days, I have been asked to reflect on what deliverance means to me, and how it relates to me and the world.

Deliverance is a mighty and powerful word. A word that can cause a group to rise up and fight, but that can bring a man to his knees in humbleness. It can bring hope to places of darkness, and kindness to broken hearts. It is an inspiring word that reminds us all that we have the power to persevere. There is an old Irish saying that goes, "when a sailor finds himself battling a raging storm he does not pray to be rescued, but rather for deliverance from fear.

I heard these words and I sat. I sat and I thought. I thought of all the strong men and women that I know, and those I do not. The men who are the protectors of the home, who work to provide for their family. The women who will fight to the bitter end for their husbands and their children. I thought about the enduring strength of the human spirit. And I thought about the state of the world, and about my relationship to all of this.

It appears that the very best thing that I can do is bring deliverance to the world is to first find it in myself. I cannot liberate the world if I have not liberated myself. What is deliverance? I feel as though deliverance is a force that connects us to the Divine strength that lies within us. And that once we get a taste for deliverance we begin to become aware of the connecting force of strength that lies between all humans. And that in times of need we can rely on each other to pull us through. 

So here is my prayer, and thank you for listening. 

I pray for deliverance; deliverance from the voices within me that tell me that I do not have he tools to overcome my self-doubt, and that I do not fit in; deliverance from the voices that criticize others and thus separates me from them. I pray for deliverance from my fears of achieving greatness in this lifetime; deliverance from idleness caused by not feeling good enough. I pray for deliverance from the entrapment of always feeling that I have to be prettier, or skinnier, or stronger ,or better, or smarter. I pray for deliverance from the feeling that I am alone; from the fear of vulnerability and the risk of getting hurt. I pray for deliverance from all that holds me back.

For my friends and family, I pray that they may be delivered from the shackles of their minds that are keeping them from believing that they have the strength and ability to create the life they want. I pray they reach out for help, and to provide help to others when it is needed.

For the world, I pray for deliverance from violence, greed, judgement, anger, resentment, fear, apathy, pain & suffering. And I pray for the strength and awareness to overcome these emotions within me.

We come to Earth to learn that which we are not. To experience duality. To know good and to know evil. How can we appreciate and understand the Universe if we do not first know it's opposite. I have lived a life of many challenges, but as I continue on a path of self-knowing I come to embrace each challenge. Every time I overcome my self-limiting beliefs I become closer to know who I am, and that brings me closer to the energy and love of God, and to all my brothers and sisters on Earth. Deliverance, therefore, is not to be rescued, but to provide endurance and fuel to make it through the hard time so that we can come closer to a place of peace. I feel that deliverance has no opposite because we cannot go back in time, we cannot unlearn lessons, and we cannot become less than we are. Deliverance is a power that gives us strength in hard times.

I pray that you may be delivered from all things that bring you suffering.