Choosing a Career Path That Other People Don’t Understand: How to define success when the world might not be able to 

winnipeg entrepreneur

I am a professional in a field that not many people validate and even fewer know exists. I have dedicated my life to the progression of myself, and in finding the highest means to be in service to others. 

My whole life I have be drawn to helping people. I have volunteered for many charities, been board director, spoke out against injustices, and created new systems to old problems. Every job I ever had was being in service. I was driven by an internal desire to fulfill my purpose, but there was mounting pressure from family and teachers to choose a career that was a ‘good choice’ for my future. 

I thought I would be a doctor like my mum, but after I was diagnosed with a life threatening illness (and being inside the medical system) I knew that wasn’t my path. When meditation healed my disease I sought answers where most people didn’t even understand my questions. As much as I felt pressure to choose a career that other people would praise me for, I was more interested in figuring out what my heart wanted. 

This lead me all over the world, to almost every continent. I volunteered in war torn countries and saw a different way of life. I studied with spiritual teachers, was exposed to different religions and philosophies, saw the beauty of Mother Nature, and was touched by the kindness of people. It led me to find the Modern Mystery School, a spiritual lineage more than 8000 years old. I started my training and knew that THIS was what I was always looking for. 

Today, I am a spiritual healer, spreading the teachings of the Mystery School across Canada. I own two healing centres and am an advocate for the ending of suffering. 

I do not have a job. I do not have a business plan. I do not strive for the same goals as a lot of people. My life is a symphony, made up of many different parts that maybe only I understand. I work constantly to be a better person, I pay thousands of dollars a year to have my teachers push my buttons and expose my weaknesses, I serve for hours a day behind the scenes where no one will ever know about. I live my life for 2 things, 1) to serve others, and 2) to fill my life with JOY because that is the fuel I use to be in service. 

Every year I train with my teachers at least 4 times a year, flying to Toronto or Japan. I spend tens of thousands of dollars on understanding myself and my craft. I put my service above everything else. I live life a certain kind of way and not many people understand. Even my family and close friends will question, and sometimes criticize, my choices. But that doesn’t stop me. 

You see, what you do with your life may not make sense to others. Not even your closest friends. You may be a pioneer, and pioneers don’t make sense to most people. People used to laugh at yoga teachers, now millions of people do yoga. People used to think gym owners and personal trainers were dumb jocks, now David Patchell-Evans owns Goodlife and is one of the top 10 richest people in Canada. 100 years ago women couldn’t vote. Last year a woman was a presidential candidate. 

When I listen to people define success it’s always based on external accolades. The official definition is about how much income and fame you have. Why is this? We glorify an Olympic swimmer because they are the fastest in the world. But what about a single mum who, even though exhausted, gets up 3 times a week to go swimming for herself. Is she less successful? She may not be the fastest swimmer, but in her life it may take just as much effort to make 3 hours a week for herself as it does to win a gold medal. I don’t know, only she knows. When I suffered from severe OCD being able to get dressed, go to school and talk to someone was a huge success that day. 

Only YOU can define success. Only YOU need to understand why you do what you do. Perhaps success is doing the very best you could that day. 

Natalie Portman, Oscar winner, has said that she only chose roles that she was passionate about and that she enjoyed. Despite what other people said about it. She said that she never strove to meet someone else's definition of success, and that in everything she did she did it for herself. 

What am I doing to redefine success? I'm changing the words I’m using. I strive for impact, not success. Success can too easily be warped by the negative ego, it’s too loosely defined. But impact is more clear to me. What kind of impact do I make in the world? How do I impact people? Do I leave them better or worse than when I found them? What’s my environmental impact? What’s my spiritual impact? How does my energy impact a room? How does my energy affect the people around me?

And it's funny, when I started as a spiritual healer my parents both sent me job applications. They didn't understand my path. They were only trying to help me. But now, they see how happy I am and that I make an impact in the world, and my Dad tells me that I am more successful than he ever was and is very proud of me. 

As a spiritual healer, and a weirdo, I am telling you, choose a life that makes you happy and that constantly keeps you out of your comfort zone. Strive for values not for dollars. Fame and money will come to those it's meant to, and remember there is a burden with both. Always seek growth. Never stop challenging your beliefs. Always be kind to others. Live your life knowing nothing, not knowing everything - you’ll be wiser this way. And always define success on your terms.