Do You Meet Change With Flow or Resistance? 5 Questions to ask yourself

Does Change Have to Be a Four Letter Word?

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Have you ever experienced change and been in the flow with it, and other times experienced change and resisted every second? How you deal with change is connected to a few things. Asking questions is an important part of growth, so here are a few to get you started: 

1) Does your external world match your internal change?
2) Is an external change happening to assist you in internal change?
3) How well do you really know yourself?
4) Do you feel change happens to you, or do you think you create the change around you?
5) Are you ready to change?

There’s been a theme lately in the air. Change is coming! Maybe you’ve been feeling it. I’ve had multiple conversations in the past few weeks about how people are struggling/working with letting go of the old version of themselves. Let’s go through these 5 things to take a deeper look at how you’re dealing with change.


1) Does your external world match your internal change? 

You go through a life changing event. You got a healing, you went to a yoga retreat, you had a life changing epiphany! Your internal frequency was raised! You are new! Do you ever wonder why when you come home it’s hard to maintain that change? Because your external world has to match your internal changes - otherwise you will be in resistance to flow. (I see this often after someone has a Life Activation.)

If you do not change your outer environment to match your new frequency, you will struggle. And you may even drop back down into the old frequency over time. This means your home, your thoughts, your words, your clothes, your relationships, your profession, your lovers, your finances, everything! 

2) Is an external change happening to assist you in an internal change?

As above, so below. As below, so above. As within, so without. As without, so within. If you have been asking for change, actively working to draw it into your reality AND YOU ARE STILL NOT CHANGING, the Universe WILL respond to your request and create external change to help you shift. Again, I see this happen to people all the time, and they freak out. They lose a job, they lose a partner, etc. The opportunity is there for them to shift alchemically and yet...they freak. Can you have the clarity to see that you are creating your reality? 

3) How well do you really know yourself? 

Stemming from point #2, whether or not you have clarity about what’s happening in your life is directly related to how well you know your true self. Not your personality. Not the whiny ego that keeps you up at night. The real you. And how do you come to know the real you, through years or really hard work - in meditation, in reflection, in expression, in experience and making mistakes and learning lessons, in service to others. 

Knowing Thyself is they key to whether you will have flow or resistance to change.

4) Do you think change is happening to you, or that you are creating the changes around you?

If you think change is happening to you, you are a victim to life’s circumstances. If you take the responsibility that you are creating the change around you, you are empowered. Every human being has a magnetic body. It is within the first 3 feet of the body and it either attracts or repels. With your thoughts and energy (and also subconscious thoughts by the way) you are constantly drawing thing to or repelling things from you. 

If you keep thinking you want a partner, but you’re subconscious doesn’t think you are deserving, you are repelling people away. If you want a great job and got a great job, YOU made that happen. There is no mundane. Everything happens for a reason. 

And don’t be pulled into other people’s magnetic body if you don’t want to. Use you magnetic body to repel and set boundaries. Just make sure it’s truly what you don’t want and you’re not just scared. 


5) Are you ready to change?

I bring this up because healing and transmutation take strength and courage. It is easy to start a healing journey, it is hard to see it through. Our mind comes up with all the valid, reasonable excuses to quit. Or we think we’ve hit a point where we are good enough and mastered it all and understand it all. Healing takes a warrior. Change takes a warrior. You have to confidently let an old part of you die, and you need to feel deserving of the new life ahead of you. People will resist you because they want you to stay in their box! You are a threat to them. You show them that change IS possible, and they judge themselves for not changing. 

It astounds me, how 100% of the time when a person I know decides to become sober, the people they use to drink or use with use the following statement. “Why aren’t you drinking? You think you’re better than me?” Or family members like to remind you of the shit you used to pull in high school. Just because you have moved on, don’t expect that the people in your life have changed their frequency as well. It’s not that we’re saying higher vibration = better people. It doesn’t. It’s just that we jive with people who have similar frequencies. And there are new people, places and things for you to explore and be a part of. YOU are growing, and your external environment needs to reflect that growth to provide new experiences and lessons. 

In conclusion, don’t be scared of change! Don’t be a victim to your circumstances, and for the love of God don’t judge yourself. You are great. 

If you allow for change, set healthy boundaries, and bring that new frequency into your life, you will flow, have more abundance and Joy, and you will see lasting results. 

Sarah xo