Turning Pain Into Purpose


I believe that everyone has a power story and message to tell. My life is spent listening to others, and I’m fascinated by each experience.

I’ve heard over and over again the power that pain has to be transmuted into purpose. Maybe you are going through a painful time right now. Maybe you can’t imagine how this situation is actually helping you in the end.

In this article I want to share some strategies for you to find your power and move through pain with grace.

What is pain? One of my martial arts instructors always tells me that pain is just a sensation in the body, and she’s right. Physical pain is just a sensation in the body. I’ve seen grown adults cripple under a little physical pain and I’ve seen women give birth. People have the power to either buckle under pain, or rise above it to what’s on the other side.

It is how we use this pain that defines us.

I’d also like to define pain vs suffering. Pain is something that is in your face right now! It’s happening now. Like burning your arm on the oven or breaking your leg. Suffering is when you hang onto the pain and don’t let it go.

In my life I have dealt with an obscene amount of pain. I was diagnosed with two life-threatening illness. I was in pain most of my life. When I became mentally unwell, I didn’t feel just physical pain, I felt deep emotional and mental pain. And while the experience was very very hard, it cultivated in me a spirit and will that can do anything. I never gave up. I never backed down. I always moved forwards. I didn’t let anything stop my from living. Even though I felt like I was dying, I didn’t give up hope. And that experience has made me strong. I know that I can achieve anything. When things go wrong in my life now, or I come up against a challenge, I can handle it. My pain made me who I am today.

Now listen, I don’t wish abuse or trauma or illness on anyone, I truly don’t, but when these things happen they give us an opportunity to grow as a person. How will handle the situation? Will we let this experience define us? How will we show up?

There are always two questions to ask yourself when you are going through pain.

1) Why is this happening?

2) What am I learning?

Your soul is constantly seeking to learn, but it’s also constantly trying to move you into the highest expression of yourself (the ultimate goal is to live life as the Adam Kadmon - more on that on another day). We all have blocks and blind spots that we don’t see that cause suffering in our lives. That hold us back from our highest potential. Situations in your life are created for you to cultivate the attributes you need for your life purpose. I know I couldn’t be the healer and guide I am today if I didn’t have my past experiences.

Example: let’s say your boss is constantly being rude to you, and it’s happened before where other people at work have treated you in a way you didn’t like. You could complain about this day after day with your friends and blame you co-workers, or you could ask, how did I create this? Perhaps you have issues with boundaries. Perhaps you don’t assert your boundaries. Perhaps this keeps showing up for you to learn. And until you learn, it will likely keep happening and happening - in fact I can almost guarantee it will. And underneath a boundary issue is almost always a worthiness issue.

Or let’s take an example of a break up or a job loss. What is the real reason behind this? Why is this happening? What are you learning?

The more that you can see life from a spiritual perspective, the quicker you will learn and grow and move onto the next lesson. As Initiates in the Mystery School (someone who has taken the Empower Thyself class) forces get set in motion in our aura so that EVERY person we meet is here to teach us a lesson. It’s sometimes overwhelming, especially in the beginning, but you grow so quickly. (One of the hardest lessons I had to learn from others was that I was worthy of love.)

If you do not look at a situation from a spiritual perspective, you will be stuck in a loop of mental processing, going round-and-round in circles with the same issue, and not experience the healing that you need.

So what are some things you can do to transform pain into purpose:

1) Ask yourself those two questions - why is this happening? and what am I learning? Journaling the answers can often expose patterns.

2) Work in releasing attachment to situations. You need to create space between you and the stimulus. Take some breaths. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but it works.

3) Look at the ways that you are responsible for the situation? What is your soul wanting to learn. Do not blame others. Be responsible for your life.

4) Take the Journeys of the Spirit class. The whole purpose of the class is to train you how to do this process.

5) Do the King Salomon Healings - once you notice a pattern in your behaviour the question becomes, “what do I do about it?” The King Salomon Healing Modality series is a series of 11 healings to cut out an entire core seed. Examples include lack of self work, abandonment, abuse, self sabotage, self criticism, lack of self-love. In these 11 sessions we actually take the seed out for good! Can you imagine what your life would be like without that core seed influencing your thoughts and actions?! It’s one of the most popular session my clients do and the results are insane.

6) If you’re ready for exponential growth, do the Empower Thyself. Life is too short. Learn your lessons faster so that you can live in your highest joy, and abundance and freedom now!

We are all spiritual beings. Each of us came here for a unique reason. To learn, to express, to manifest. Sometimes that means going through pain - or what we call in alchemy calcination - a burning away process of breaking away the ego-self.

Do not shy away from pain. Go head first into it. There is so much there to learn if you are humble enough to learn it.