What is a Life Activation? What is Energy Healing? WTF have I been doing these past few years???

What is a Life Activation? What is Energy Healing? WTF have I been doing these past few years???

By: Drew Girardin

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I read somewhere (likely in a meme...) that change happens when you’re sick of your own shit. When that happened for me, I needed to get out of the tired rut I was in and shake my life up. 

- If I really put thought into the question “where do you see yourself in 5 years”, was I happy with my answer? -

I was at a crossroads of marriage, career, dreams and ambitions..all the while, being tethered to the skewed image of who I was and who I was to be. This person wasn’t ready to settle down into marriage, had bigger goals for the future than even the biggest dreamers thought possible. But none of this fit with who I was. There was still some fragmented parts of my self and my ancestry that either were holding me back and needed to be cleared out and some parts that were shattered and needed to be put back together.

I didn’t know this growing up - that I came from greatness. My great uncle, one of the most famous architects in Manitoba,a visionary, a dreamer, a hero in that he followed those dreams, and built the structures that define this city’s skyline when he was mocked for proposing to do so. My great - to some exponential number - grandfather, Louis Riel, who was also a visionary, a dreamer, and a hero in his own time. Some of you may have heard of him. 

So, bring us back a few years..what the fuck is all of this potential doing spinning his wheels in life. Stoned, drunk, doing the same things day in and day out. 

I don’t know what eventually made me crack. There was a shift, though. I had talked about my dreams with my girlfriend at the time, and that there was this big venture I wanted to follow (building an indoor ski park in Winnipeg...somebody PLEASE do this, but it won’t be me anymore). Her reaction was honest, and I am very grateful for that. I needed something to push me in another direction. Now more open to new ideas (because you can’t go somewhere you haven’t been by doing things you normally do), I finally was open to my friend and this thing she was trying to get me to do for months - a Life Activation. After our session, I had this surge of ambition. I didn’t want to just numb the pain of the breakup with drugs and alcohol, so I gave them a break. I shut myself in my apartment, working everyday after work and weekends. Researching costs, systems, preliminary feasibility studies, land to support this. I did title searches, drafted proposals, and even booked a trip to the UK to need with COO’s of facilities there where indoor/year round ski facilities are incredibly popular. 

All that these things happened because I really wanted to change my life. But, the biggest change was that I was starting to move in the direction I was meant to. To do big things, and really change this city..just not in the way I had planned!

Look, change is scary. There is a great discomfort at the thought of jumping out of your chair and into the unknown. But I wasn’t afraid. I shed my fear in that session with my friend who wouldn’t give up on me. In that moment, I started to change from what I was told I was into who I was meant to be. The world will seldom tell you that you are meant to be a visionary, a dreamer, a hero. This is a scary concept for the world, because it means change.